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The Home of Lodge St. John Busby 458

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A Group with a Common Passion for Freemasonry

Welcome to Lodge St John Busby 458. Charter Granted 1866.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and look forward to you visiting us on a regular basis.


Lodge St John Busby is in the Province of Renfrewshire East and you can visit their website here.

The governing body of the Masonic Craft in Scotland is the Grand Lodge of Scotland and their extensive website can be visited here.



A Brief History of Lodge St. John Busby 458

Lodge St. John. Busby is a vibrant hard working lodge situated in the Renfrewshire Village of Busby, which is on the A726 road leading from the old town of Paisley to the new town of East Kilbride.

The Lodge was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland on the 6th of August 1866. The original proclamation was in the name of “Lodge Busby, St, John” but the Charter was granted and the Lodge Consecrated as “ Lodge St. John Busby No 458”

The RWM of Pollokshaws Royal Arch Lodge No.153 consecrated the Lodge on 20th of August 1866 assisted by his office bearers and the members of our other sponsor Lodge, Rutherglen Royal Arch Lodge No 116.

The Provincial Grand Lodge would normally have carried out this duty, however, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East was not consecrated until some six weeks later. The newly elected Provincial Grand Master, Bro A.R.Campbell did visit the Lodge on the 7th of October 1866 and on that occasion consecrated the Wilson hall, then in use, for Masonic purposes, with our new RWM Bro Joseph Hamilton occupying ‘The Chair.'

The Lodge has had several “homes” over the years, notably ‘McGuffie's bar,' but in the 1950's moved into our own premises on Busby Main St, and in 1972 moved through redevelopment to our present location in Hawthorn Road, Busby.

In those days Busby also had a very successful Brass Band, many of whom are Lodge members, and they proudly performed many important duties since its consecration, including assisting with the laying of the foundation stones of the General Post Office building in George Square, Glasgow , The Johnston Town Council buildings, and the Paisley Museum and Free Library.

The present Lodge premises, has its own claim to fame, being home to ‘Rudolph Hess' on his first nights stay in Scotland, having parachuted in that day, before he was taken to Giffnock Police Station the following morning.

There have been many brethren of note in the history of Lodge St John Busby, amongst the foremost of these are Dr Anderson PM whose Jewel the reigning Master now wears, and who looked after the local community during the depression years. The late James “Jimmy” Orr PM who was a very prominent ambassador of the Lodge for over “Sixty Years” and was granted the rank of Grand Bible Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The late Bro John ‘Ian' Cameron PM who occupied ‘The Chair' in 1954 and rose to the rank of Provincial Grand SW in 1973. He also attained the Rank of ‘Honorary Grand President of the Board of Grand Stewards,' for his services to the craft. Brother Hugh Thomas Hodge Gavin PM who after a successful Army career, served for over “50 years” as a Lodge Office Bearer mainly as our Secretary and was consequently honoured by being made an Honorary Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Brother Alexander George Murray PM, installed as RWM of ‘458' in 1960, served the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East as PG secretary for 5 years, as PG SM for three 5 year terms, as PGDM for a further 5 years, and was installed as Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master in April 1992, in the Busby Parish Church, Hawthorn Road, Busby by the then Grand Master Mason Brother Sir Gregor McGregor of McGregor, and thereafter all retired to the Lodge for the Official Dinner and Harmony.

In 1975 the Lodge saw the opening of the “Busby Masonic Social Club” for the purpose of raising funds and providing a facility for the brethren and the local community. The “Club” is open every Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday.

The Lodge hold their meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from September until May at 7.30 pm, with the last Wednesday of each month set aside for our “Lodge of Instruction.”

Other lodges using our premises include : - Sir George Cathcart 617, Albert Edward 592, and The Kings park 1386.

The annual “Installation of the RWM and the Office Bearers” takes place on the 1st Saturday in December at 3:30pm in the Masonic Hall, Hawthorn Rd. Busby. The Lodge extends a warm welcome to all Freemasons in good standing to attend and further the Bonds of the Order.

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